Dealing With One-Sided-Love

shutterstock_347277599.jpgHave you ever fell inlove to someone to the point like you’re being put into death? I know my question seems exaggerated but at some point there’s a sense behind that questioning phrase.

What I really mean is you’re willing to give everything you have and everything she wants but it’s still useless.

That’s what we called unconditional selfless love – the love that everyone’s looking for. All of us want that certain kind of love wherein every minute of it is heavenly meaningful – the love which makes you feels that your existence is truly valuable.

But what if the person you love doesn’t love you back? Or she can’t even give the treatment you deserve not as partner but as a person?

These questions would probably drive you crazy when you yourself are truly inlove with someone else. I’ll tell you a “true to life story” of a person who experienced this kind of unrequited love that makes him realized his worth.

There’s a guy who firmly sets his mind not to fall inlove to somebody else, but rather to focus on his life goals. This guy is truly dedicated to his dreams to the extent that you can’t even imagine him encountering failures in life.

But the time comes when she met the girl that will turn his world upside down. He was completely fell inlove with that girl and courting her was a struggle for him because just like him, the girl also sets herself to achieve her goal first before anything else, especially committing into relationship.

Upon knowing, it did not hamper the guy’s eagerness that he even did stupid things he himself couldn’t imagine. There’s a time where he shouts the girl’s name in front of many strangers and coupled it with an “I love you”. Yes, he was shameless to do such thing, but the girl is firm to stand on her decision. She’s still not interested with the guy after all.

After repeatedly doing all those “unimaginable” stupid things, the guy got tired and realized something – that he must forgot who he was before, what his value, and what he deserves. These realizations made him stop and returned to his once undisturbed life as he remembers who he was before.

Part of his realizations include asking himself, is she the right one?

This story will make you realized that when it comes to love, we do things that we couldn’t imagine we’ll do.

But as the saying goes, true love is hard to find and falling inlove with someone who can’t love you back can be considered a nightmare to the one who loved. You know why?

Moving on will be the hardest part in the so called “one-sided-love”. She’s laughing while you are crying; she’s having fun while you’re in bed reminiscing the common and usual conversations you had. You’re having hard time thinking what went wrong while she’s enjoying life with a serene mind.

Isn’t hard? Yes it is, very hard!

But falling inlove with someone who can responds us the same love we give will surely come to us whether we like it or not in the least unexpected ways and time.

The question is, is it ok to do stupid things? Is it ok to do shameless moves?

The answer is YES!
But for the right person.


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