Life Being Adult

shutterstock_177847379.jpgAdult life is actually not only about walking in the park. In fact, it may feel like a big blow with everything stacked against you. There’s the mortgage or rent that you must pay, the friends that you must message back and the career you need to maintain. If you will depict all the issues, problems and challenges in just one drawing, what will they exactly look like?

Actually, life being an adult is hard. This is the reality that most of us need to realize on from the very start. Yes. It can be quite difficult being an adult when we are faced with a lot of challenges. But, remember that these challenges will require us to grow and expand. If we fail to rise above them, they will rise up on us.

Not only is it difficult being an adult, as being a kid is also just the same. A kid who is bullied also feels like life is really hard. Even a teen finds his or her life difficult, especially with one who has a mental disorder that no one knows about .

Nevertheless, the thing is that all these things and all issues of people are not meant to stop our ability to enjoy life or to live. They are all designed for us to grow more and look deeper and lead a life better, more lovingly, gratefully and compassionately than before.

Advantages of Life Being Adult

You Make your Money
As an adult, you make your own money than when you were a kid relying much on your parent for an allowance. Especially since you already had a job, you get the money you need and you pay for the expenses incurred in a week, a month or so.

You Expect Only the Reality
When you were a kid, you always have dreams, fascinations and fantasies which are unlikely to be true. Now, as an adult, you expect only the reality. But still, whatever you believe is true to you will also be the result. If you believe that adulthood will be hard, you will find reasons why it is so. In this regard, never ever underestimate the true power of belief system. Believe in the reality that life will never be hard, but you will find ways to make it easy.

You can do anything you Want
The good thing about being an adult is that you do almost anything that you want without any permission from your parent. And if you already have your house, you also have your rules and you can break all of those rules if you want. When you were a kid, your parent will usually have more to say since you are a kid. And, that is perfectly fine because they show much they really care.

Disadvantages of Being an Adult

Doing Taxes
Paying taxes is another disadvantage of being an adult. You will also be awakened in a fact that you need to pay all those taxes.

Paying Almost Everything
In living an adult life, expect it further of paying almost everything. This is necessary and this is somehow unavoidable.

Getting Old
One inevitable thing in the life of an adult is in getting old. This happens eventually and this really sucks. But, there’s no way out but to just live life the way it should be lived!



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