Smile When You’re In Pain


We all have problems in life and sometimes, we never thought that we’ll going to encounter such.
Problems are usually normal to human life whether we like it or not, all of us will experience it.

However, did we even think that despite of having big problems, we still have creative ways to manage it like smiling and forgetting those unwanted things.

I’ve been through a lot and still wondering how I managed to pass those obstacles that I’ve been through. Maybe it was destined not to remember the solutions we had.

You will continuously encounter those unprecedented situation that puts you into asking “Why do I exist? Why am I suffering from all of these?.”

These questions will not and will never help you to solve the problems you have. It is actually the kind of questions that not meant to be answered, thus putting you more into darker side.

Am I making sense? I`m pretty sure I am. Not because I`m confident or too arrogant enough, but because all of us will surely encountering those scenarios that I have mentioned or maybe some of you already passed the obstacle given to you.

No one is perfect, everyone has problem. When someone says they don’t have any problem, it is still a problem. Because not having problem is rare.

All I want to say is no matter how happy you are, no matter how wealthy you’ll be, it doesn’t mean you`re exempted to all the negativities in life.

We all have weak points and it is not a bad thing, because it also means that you have the power of not being reluctant of accepting the things that you cannot change.

The power doesn’t come from gender or wealth, nor position or fame, but comes from within.

Just remember no matter how hard your life is, no matter how big your problems are, no matter how painful the reality for you, just answer it with a huge smile and go back to your senses that those things will not last forever.


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