Sometimes It Is Ok Not To Be Ok

shutterstock_544649362.jpgWhen things are not ok sometimes, we tend to feel sad and feel very bad about it. As the saying goes, “it is ok not to be ok,” it is not as bad as we think it is.
It is ok not to be ok because not being ok will make you stronger in life. When you have been through hell you would be grateful even for the little happiness you witness in life.

Although as human beings we always expect good things to happen and we always want things to be ok, but life does not work that way. We need a little not being ok once in a while to balance the equation of life.

When things are not going well, it makes us stronger and gives, us the attitude of gratitude to accept when things are going well. The good times and the bad times are important.

Here are some reasons why it is ok not to be ok;

1. Bad times make you stronger
Like it is popularly said, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,” so does hard times. When going through hard times, people get sad and depressed which means they are not ok with the situation they are going through. The fact that they are not happy with it would propel them to push harder and get better. The bad times you are going through would make you strong enough to survive as long as it did not kill you.

2. Adversities make you appreciate the little things
Most times we tend to take the little victories and happiness we experience for granted. But when you go through a period of not being ok and dealing with hard times, it makes you thankful for all the good things you experience in life. It might be the air you breathe or something tiny and inconsequential.

3. You learn what your strengths are
The period of not being ok is a test, and that test teaches you where your strength lies. When everything is ok, you are comfortable, and in that situation, it is hard to learn your strength and limits. But in your moments of hardship, you learn what you are truly capable of and things you did not know about yourself.

4. You handle bad times well
Going through bad times is not something people wish for, but it gets to everybody; this is the circle of life. There are good times and also bad times, as much as people love good times whenever they have one, they should also be able to accept and handle bad times. Going through a bad time makes it easier to handle. The experience they say is the best teacher when you learn from the best teacher about how to handle a situation you would be good at weathering the storm whenever you are faced with it.

Life is not predictable. You go through good times and bad times. The hard times teach us a lot and help us grow. So sometimes it is ok not to be ok because it shapes us.




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