There’s No Right Reason For Doing Something Wrong

shutterstock_493126720It is definitely true that there’s no right reason for doing something wrong. But, sometimes, people cross the line. There are times that people do the wrong thing for no apparent and clear reason.

They may be out of their mind and they may be on their way to sanity.
Not all people will act and become like saints who are in control of themselves and who live their lives according to their principles and values.

But, still, doing the wrong thing for the right reason is wrong. If they will always do the wrong thing, they will think that this will be good for the environment and to the people around. They will also think that can always do the wrong thing because it is good for them in the end.

Even rules are designed to support the right thing. If they don’t, they will be wrong things at the very first place. No matter how it is good to do the wrong thing and for whatever reason may be, the end will never justify the means.

One could also say that nothing can really be a wrong thing if done with the right reason. But, as mentioned, no matter how good and noble an objective is, it will not attain the fullest of the good thing.

Thus, the right ways of doing things include analyzing if the right reason is really right as you think it could be, analyzing all ways to achieve it, discarding those that will bring out the worse results, analyzing other options the careful way possible and creating a list of them from the worst to the best.

Another example of the fact that there’s no right reason for doing something wrong is Robin Hood that stole from the rich just to feed the poor. This one already depicts breaking the law. He stole, which is something wrong, but guided with the right reason to feed the poor.

And yes, it could be possible that these rich do not share their extra possessions in life as they believed that these are all theirs. But, the mere fact that Robin Hood does the job of stealing from them to share with the poor constitutes a not-so-heroic act. It cannot be said that what he did is the truest, the most complete and noblest of all acts.

In the analysis of the brilliant, wise and good men, stealing from the rich will not fulfill the goal of helping. And, it will always be a lot better to do the right thing and to lose than to win and do the wrong thing. The fact remains that breaking the law will always be a crime.

If everybody will stick to the rule of doing something wrong for the right reason, they will now live a life that is purely based on egocentricity or self-centeredness. And, they will always be bound to living a life that centers on themselves.

In conclusion, there’s definitely no right reason for doing something wrong!



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