Ten Reasons Why Moving On From Someone You Love Is Hard

shutterstock_511166536For people that have gone through a breakup at one time in their life, it is no news that it is hard as hell to move on, but it is harder when you love the person.

Here are some of the reasons why moving on from someone you love is very hard;

1. You do not talk about how you feel Talking about your feelings makes you feel a whole lot better. When you talk to someone you trust about how you feel after your breakup, it feels like a huge burden has been lifted off your shoulder. You would feel lighter.

2. You are dwelling in ‘what if’s.’
Stressing over what you could have done better makes it hard to move on. Do not put yourself through that torture. If it did not work out, then maybe nothing would have worked. Instead, focus on putting your new experiences into your new relationship, so you do not make the same mistake again.

3. You are stalking them on social media
Stalking your ex on social media and keeping up with their lifestyle is very unhealthy and one of the main reasons it is hard to move on. You are so focused on their life and what they are doing, that you have no time to think about yourself. Get off social media for a while and focus more on yourself.

4. It is still new
You are probably finding it hard to get over them because you just recently broke up. You need time to move on from the relationship.

5. You are still friends with them
You cannot possibly get over someone you love when you remain friends with them immediately after the breakup. It is ok to be friends with your Ex, but you still need time and distance to heal and get over the breakup first.

6. You keep thinking about how happy they are without you
If you keep obsessing about how happy they are without you, it would be hard to get over them. You need to stop obsessing over their happiness and find your happiness.

7. You are still in possession of nostalgic items
The same way you need distance from them to move on, you also need to distance yourself from items that would remind you of time shared. Get rid of items that bring back shared memories like pictures, jewelry, clothes, etc.

8. You do not want to accept the truth
After a breakup, there is no point getting stuck in Limbo hoping to get back together while they have already moved on. That hurts like hell and makes it harder to get over them.

9. Thinking you can be totally over them
When you love someone, it is almost impossible to completely get over them because they got to a part of you that not everybody sees. Stop trying too hard to be totally over them; it makes it harder to move on.

10. You are still mad and bitter
Being mad and bitter after a breakup makes it very hard to move on. You would remain stuck in the past. Forget the past and accept what happened in good faith.



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